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Follow or tweet FRANK display showcases activities, watch our videos or download our showcase brochures and we think you will agree that FRANK showcases are better than any glass showcase equivalents.
Franks new and exciting branding was a great success, even highly praised by many of our showcase competitors at this years Exponatec exhibition in Cologne, it was the brands first exposure to the museum & heritage world. At FRANK display showcases we are happy for architects, designers and curators etc to visit our facilities where we can discuss your individual requirements and explain each process of display showcase production. There really isn’t any limitation to the size of acrylic showcases that can be produced with the FRANK modular showcase system; this is nicely demonstrated by our recent installation of a continuous 11 meter showcase in Belgium. With its eye firmly on the environment FRANK offer a carbon off set policy to those museums and organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprint.  When you choose FRANK museum display showcases you will be in good company as we have completed over 500 international museum display showcase projects.The FRANK system is completely automated so each element has its own bar code which tells the machines exact measurements and there is no waste and no mistakes, affordable perfection every time.

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